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Corporate Services

Innovation Funding your business

Andrew Cuthbert has designed An interactive session facilitating a business to identify a long term innovation strategy which can be implemented to improve the long term outlook of a business.

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Talks & Engagements

Andrew Cuthbert offers a series of talks spanning many topics. Andrew has core expertese in Education, Healthcare and Digital Technology, with Business, Funding and Innovation being secondary areas of expertise.

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Interactive sessions

In addition to talks Andrew offers a range of transformative events focused round the self improvement of the individual unlocking the skills and attitude in readiness for scale.

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Corporate Services

With beginnings in information technology Andrew Cuthbert has branched out to cover all areas of digital, mechanical, electronic, and biochemical innovation.

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Think Billionaire not Millionaire

Andrew Cuthbert designed this session as a journey of self-discovery for start up and scale up teams alike. The question is do you have what it takes to think like a billionaire? Or are your motivations more like those of a millionaire? Here we ask are you creating a business capable of global change making? Are you otherwise content to create a me to business that makes you cash, with the income being the reason why?

Think Billionaire not millionaire is a session designed for the would be disruptive entrepreneur, and is drawn from personal experience and the experience of other successful individuals within my network.


Commercial Work

The Change

The company was always going to involve “Being The Change I wanted to see in the world” just as every company I had started before it had been. I thought to check domains and bethechange.vc and thechange.vc were both available. I immediately bought them. –View Details

Cuthbert NI Ltd

Cuthbert NI Ltd is the brainchild of Andrew Cuthbert. The company is focused on the creation of valuable IP that has the potential to improve the world. The company is involved in a diversity of activities focused around innovation.- View Details

IMarb Group Ltd

Andrew Cuthbert has been a director, shareholder, coach and mentor to Martin Bunane of Imarb group as he uses his pharmaceutical knowledge in his endevours to create a successful business. – View Details

Asset Nexus (ACRM NI Ltd)

I am a founding director and shareholder in Asset Nexus a company with a vision for global change within the management of legacies. – View Details

Post Op

I am a director and shareholder in Post Op a company with a vision for global change within the management of legacies. – View Details


“My brain is my playground. Imagination and Knowledge together create a wisdom to be reckoned with. I constantly work towards “knowing myself,” so that I can succeed to be the change.”

Thomas Andrew Cuthbert





Epicurus the founder of what many believed was a hedonistic revolution in greece was in fact a much more pius man than he was given credit for. Reputedly the greeks suggested Epicurus would orgasm 18 times per night in a room full of virgins. Epicuris the founder of...

Carl Jung

Carl Jung

Carl Jung the infamous psychoanalyst explored deeply the human conscious and sub conscious. He broke down many myths of the self and yet his view on the world led many to see his answers to the big questions as trivia. Jung was clear that by his understanding god was...

What I have learned about Venture Capital

What I have learned about Venture Capital

My top 5 tips for Nascent Founders looking to get capital. This comes from cold hard experience gained from a personal experience in advance of starting The Change. Its all about finding people who share your values! Finding people that spot the flaws and support you...