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The Change

Its based on significant personal experience in ventures, being part of both organic and funding driven businesses that Andrew Cuthbert together with Gavan Wall chose to bring a hand picked trusted team together to become “The Change”. We have a unique offering that targets those with a vision on fundamental global change. Concepts that we nurture to become multi-billion dollar profitable enterprises, engraining our entrepreneurs with billionaire mindsets.
Within the change I combine my passion for “the fourth sector,” and change making, with profit making enterprises bringing specialist expertise to bare on behalf of start up and scale up entrepreneurs.

Through the Change I work with a significant number of partner companies.


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Asset Nexus (ACRM NI Ltd)

Andrew Cuthbert is a founding director and shareholder in Asset Nexus a company with a vision for global change within the management of legacies.

Asset Nexus is the defacto legacy management tool of the future. Combining robust security processes, Specialist Legal & Accountancy knowledge arround death and specialist Independant financial advisory services the firm is disrupting how we store, value and maintain our assets through life so as to have the impact we intend through death.

The firm aims to acquire £10BN + in assets under management within the next 5 years.


Muir IP Ltd

MUIR IP is a specialised Innovations company working with medium to large enterprises with innovative visions, focused round the provision of innovation funding based round qualifying income and qualifying expenditure.

Kevin Paul the firms founder is a globally significant expert in innovation. Beginning his career at BT Kevin brings with him a unique set of skills and knowledge that can transform a firms innovation strategy, taking the potential to fund new innovation. The firm facilities collaborate with world experts in a series of areas of IP development.

Andrew Cuthbert worked with MUIR on a number of significant projects. Andrew Cuthbert carried out a number of innovation functions on behalf of MUIR IP Ltd, working on scientifically and technically significant projects including patent and intellectual property registration and R&D tax credits on projects in Aerospace, Cancer Therapy, Housing, Security, OAAS, Entertainment.


Post Op

Andrew Cuthbert is a director and shareholder in Post Op a company with a vision for global change within the management of legacies.

Post Opp created by Dr Chindu Kabir is focused around SSIS (Surgical Site Infections) and patient recorded outcome measures. The platforms ultimate aim is to identify the presence of wound infection via Artificial Intelligence.


Andrew Cuthbert was an advisory director and board member of Aubergine. Aubergine founded by Hayden Swift and now run by Simon Derby a founding employee and shareholder is an “Image as a Service,” IaaS platform focused on the concept of image management on behalf of consumers. Lessons were learned through the process and a lot of new technology and techniques were identified as part of the journey. We didn’t have the right founder for a global vision and would need one applied before setting off again!
It was our aim to bring Irish Entrepreneurship, and UK tech together with a certain French “je ne sais quoi,” to provide the image management assistant of the future.


Trustee & Charitable Interests

Andrew Cuthbert & Cuthbert NI Ltd collaborate on and contribute to a series of initiatives that help both people and their environment. Focuses include healthcare, education and social mobility.

Some highlights are listed below:

United Kingdom & Ireland


Viresco was established by Jain McIntyre
Based on a former religious site the initiative focuses on facilitating an improvement in the opportunities available to small enterprises within the Dunbartonshire area. Based near lough Lomond The 7,000 sq ft facility is to be relaunched in 2020 and will include funding, mentorship, market facilitation, business accommodation and community services in the mix on offer.

A unique space with a unique set of mentors focused on driving our participating businesses forward to global acclaim.


The Belfast Charitable Society

Andrew Cuthbert sits on the Belfast Charitable Society Marketing committee at Clifton House. More information on the Belfast Charitable Society can be found here.


Do Your Service

Andrew Cuthbert founded Do Your Service in 2001 as a charity with fellow activists. The charities core focus was to enable individuals to grow through “helping others to help themselves.” Andrew took the organisation to Nigeria, Tanzania, Madagascar, Northern Ireland & the USA with small blocks of volunteers in other jurisdictions.

For Andrew the Do Your Service philosophy has enabled him to learn and grow, acquiring new skills and enabling him to expand his own horizons. Despite no longer being an active member of the charity this continues to be a critical part of my personal ethos for a better future for the world.


Growing up in Northern Ireland I am a firm supporter that education can be used to break down sectarian, religious and ethnic barriers in society. In particular for the prevention of hate and genocide. Having visited and worked in many countries that have tension of one sort or another. Rwanda’s history and how it has dealt with it has stood out as a global beacon of how to bring people together. Aegis were an important part to that journey towards reconciliation.


An activist in my younger days. I am still a dedicated supporter of the work of Greenpeace.

Charitable work

In addition to this work Andrew Cuthbert has been involved in a number of initiatives within Rwanda, other parts of east Africa both in business and charitable capacities.