MY TEDx TALK IS LIVE: Why Do Only Some Innovation Leads to Change

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I enjoyed my chance to go a bit deeper on innovation through #TEDX . I was only able to scratch the surface in 10 minutes but I hope though brief my talk brings awareness to the next Berth & Karl Benz #mercedesbenz love story or indeed inspires the next #worldchanger to make sure it’s the right difference they will make. Innovation has been at the heart of my life and career since I can remember. It’s far from a job it’s a way of life, but a road less traveled and one I hope appears as a real option for all. Innovation comes from the most unusual places and people. Shunpei Yamazaki of SEL perhaps the world’s most prolific inventor currently holds the title as the world’s most prolific patent writer, but yet we know Must, Son, Ma much better. Many inventors go unnoticed simply because it’s innovation and market creation that makes it all real.
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