Forming a board has been one of the most difficult processes I have gone through in business to date. Often people will stereotype an Entrepeneur they will judge them as either unbalanced or someone who will make decisions anyway. Being used to make decisions there is no doubt that an entrepeneur will probably make the odd non board led decision over time, although this I do feel can be reduced.

Boards are the Ying to the Yang of an entrepeneur. Boards form balance and a risk averse approach to business development which in combination with the Entrepeneur can release untold benefits equally however if not run properly a board can cripple the positivity of an entrepeneur and remove innovation, making it difficult to thrive.

I am in the early stages of a board and am very much looking forward to have a fully functional board in place however it is a difficult process after 2 years in this business to delegate decisions to people who dont ahve all the facts and often dont see a value in knowing them. I may feel there are 200 relevant facts to share on a given issue but only 2 will be considered, whether my position of information is wrong or right it can be a difficult transition to change your character so significantly in a month when you have followed other ideas over 2 years.

To put a board busines concept into a personal context, if someone was forced to delegate every eating decision to someone else, but the individual making the decision didnt know the dinner had a severe nut allergy then the results could be catastrophic. This level of lack of understanding rarely occurs in boards however it can.

In my more normal scenario if someone decided to select a pizza restaurant for teh dinner who didnt like pizza this would obviously be a poor choice of judgement. As the person making the decisions got to know the dinner of course they can correct the problem, but perhaps after one or two bad meals teh dinner will go it alone and make their own decisions.

This is always a worry in early board scenarios but one I dont believe will happen, whether characters change or not I will continue to search for my yang, but am committed to this course of action for the duration, no matter how difficult the challenge.

I believe that if the intrinsic dynamism of a board can work with an entrepeneur then a company can only thrive and grow.