ImageInspiration is a commonly used word and one that means a great deal to me. From the Shakespeare “Oh for a muse of Fire,” to the simply mundane everyday aspects of life that inspire us we are touched by many things in life that influence our path. The simple things are open to debate and interpretation we often dismiss them before they have a real chance to inspire us.

I recently became influenced by an extra ordinary act of kindness, from someone who was to all intensive purposes a stranger, that is until recently. Things have happened in my world that truly transformed my perception in a way that I could not have predicted. Theology has began to influence me. How could I claim to have a full logical scientific view of the world when someone has carried out an act beyond my explanation or comprehension? I could try and pretend the event was normal, but then that would fail to explain it or its influence and power over me.

Whether a believer or not, surely there should be a word for that thing that goes beyond explanation, surely there should be a way of describing something beyond explanation. Inspiration doesn’t seem to cut it when it comes to acts beyond comprehension.

In difficult times we have nothing to lift our spirits we have in a true sense a dark sense of self unenlightened and for a while uninspired. In a clinical sense we now call this depression, and depression and unhappiness surrounds us today especially in the quiet moments. I would question how do others live in a world surrounded by darkness for long, do they struggle as I did? Do they feel that failure is a direct reflection on they themselves or do they see it as a journey and experience needed for their personal path to enlightenment?  

Religion has come to me at the right time in life, I have had logic to guide me so far and truthfully as a single explanation it has now failed to give me a full picture of the world. Faith has entered my understanding of how things work, experience has shaped my perspective on the lack of knowledge in areas not yet fully understood or comprehended. Areas most likely never to be fully comprehended due to the mysteries in science of chaos and perspective.

An explanation I didn’t understand when I first searched. When I read texts and formed ideas, was the concept of faith. The idea that you need to jump off a cliff and realise within yourself that you can fly. Only through an act of faith and belief, can that be achieved not through extensive acts of understanding.

I now have evolved to a point of faith and that will guide how I act in the future and how I live and work. I hope with time to inspire others to come to similar viewpoints of what the self can truly mean, and also what loosing that depressive silence can mean when you get beyond trying to explain and understand the whole world yourself, in only a lifetime.