I work in an office… Most of my time involves thinking. Typing and imagining via my computer. Considering the future of the world, my own future and everything else that could be considered all at one time. Often this non directed thought is without any productive outcome.

Those that work outdoors, or with their hands get to see the fruits of their labour more directly and that at the end of a “hard days work,” they can see what they have achieved receiving satisfaction from even the most basic outcomes. We should pride in the fact that we went to work, no matter how small or large our contribution.

The office worker however receives only ethereal recognition from the direct tasks they carry out. Sometimes, with significant exception the office worker will never see physical outcomes of what they do and they end up living in a world only filled by thought.

Doing something each day is important both to generating valuable economic output that provides us with the work that we do, and the reason for said work.

Thought if extensive leads to procrastination. Often action is required to direct our efforts and talents. Many a philosopher would debate our actions can be said to define us.

Acting and executing often is important to our perceptions of the self. We need to feel important, valuable. We crave a feeling of wholesomeness.

It’s critical that every day is a do day, for our self esteem, for us to fit economically in the world for everything. The nexus of the working day is one more complex than we should ponder.

Socrates termed himself the “gadfly,” he was the individual that questioned and pondered all. He would use rhetoric in response to every process and approach. Those given the similar burden of a searching argumentative mind need to learn how to control the journeys of the mind, or the result can be non importance and irrelevance rather than activity and outcomes.

We need to get on the bike with the right mind-set. This can only come from peddling and having peddled, we don’t imagine the bike we have to sit on it and do the hard graft to feel that euphoric sense of satisfaction.

The wheels we drive are our raw talents. The pathway we push those in the form of skills often defines the job we get to do to generate our core incomes. The direction we push the bike though at a holistic level. Essentially where we cycle our bike in our free time, the talents we build that surround our day job can significantly extend the sustainability of our approach.

If we push ourselves to the limit, we can make the work day easy. If we are used to traversing high hills in our off days, then the heavy traffic will be easy when we start peddling to the office.

For both body and mind the office worker needs to extend their activity if they want to keep a sharp sustainable mind capable of dealing with the challenge of the working day.