Great Opportunity at Genalice (UK) based in Belfasts Science Park:

Role and Company Background:
Job Title: Chief Scientist (UK)/ Bio-informatician (UK)
Company: Genalice
Type: Full time, Permanent
Location: Belfast titanic quarter
Salary: Negotiable
Benefits: incentives scheme
Life Insurance–c

Reports to: Managing Director (UK)
Direct Reports: N/A

Company background:
GENALICE is a young innovative software company. With our ground-breaking software solutions we want to make an important contribution to better diagnosis and treatment of complex DNA diseases, such as cancer.
We build all of our software solutions in-house with a dedicated and highly motivated team of developers. We strive for perfection and customer delight and aim to be a ‘Great place to work’.

To save lives and increase the quality of life of people suffering from complex DNA diseases, such as cancer. Together with the input from researchers and the financial support from our investors, GENALICE can create a better future for these patients.
Watch the GENALICE MISSION video.

Complex diseases originate from specific defects in DNA. In recent years, DNA sequencing has become faster, cheaper and capable of detailed identification of such defects. Yet, there is a gap to be bridged between identification and patient benefits. A first important step, which must be significantly improved, is Next-Generation Sequencing read alignment. Data production has increased significantly, but speed and storage footprint have become major bottlenecks. GENALICE MAP offers researchers an excellent solution to these significant obstacles. Furthermore, an avalanche of complex data has to be analysed and correlated to translate this important new molecular information into valuable predictions on individual patient’s disease development and treatment responses. The only way to get this massive job done and to get this vital information in a usable format to a treating physician is using an intelligent data correlation engine as hidden in the heart of the GENALICE LINK & CHECK solutions. Better care and more precise/timely care cycles can only be achieved with state of the art technology, as offered by GENALICE.
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Company History:

Reporting to the Managing Director UK, the chief scientist is responsible for leading and managing all scientific programs of work. The Chief Scientist will co-ordinate collaborations with other organizations and institutions and be expected to ensure the relevance of Genalice technology on an ongoing basis.

The Chief scientist will be responsible for all program planning, organising, operating, and staffing. They will be responsible for developing, implementing, and managing the science program in conjunction with the Finance Manager and CEO.
The scientific officer should have an understanding of the significance of bio informatics and be able to co-ordinate the efforts of Genalice in the space in co-operation with partners and collaborators at head office in the Netherlands and with other third party organisations.

You will co-operate globally working together with our in house team in Harderwjik as well as existing collaborators including Oxford University, and Mount Sinai (New York).
Your role could be diverse and extend between the plant science, animal science, and human health sectors.

The typical day will focus around a programme of work in the development of improving analytical techniques present within the Genetics space this should be delivered in the context of existing clinical practice in order that Genalice is able to facilitate a new era in personalised medicine.

You will have a substantial influence on the outcomes and areas of research of the UK team. You will be expected to contribute, to the team, and lead the scientific objectives of individual projects in the search for novel approaches to identifying genetic anomalies, and possibly in the further development of tests together with collaborative partners.

Genalice MAP the company’s core product has revolutionised storage of Genetic Data through new compression, and data access methods making the file 100x smaller and 200x faster to process. Genalice broke the world record in Genetic Data aligning sequenced data from the Illumina HI SEQ in December 2013. Genalice processed 42 Human Genomes and 42 Tomato Genomes on a single server in 24 hours.

The successful candidate should be able to detail out and specify tasks effectively, and work as part of a team. You will have an innovative development team at your disposal and it is down to you to ensure that they develop the solution in the most appropriate way possible for the future benefit of our target customers.

• Provide effective leadership to members of the scientific team
• Direct Scientific operations to meet budgets and other financial requirements
• Ensure active involvement in all Scientific programs and services and ensure post-project evaluations are undertaken within
• Implement and lead a continuous quality improvement process throughout the program area
• Ensure scientific programs of work are costed and planned accurately.
• Prepare and submit business cases to the Finance Department as the need arises and identify appropriate funding for collaborative efforts.
• Collaborate with the Lead technologist to facilitate and achieve clients scientific outcomes.
• Prepare and submit an annual operational budget to the MD for review and approval, manage effectively within this budget, and report accurately on progress made and challenges encountered
• Formulate weekly Management Reports for the MD as well as ad hoc Reports for Board Meetings etc
• Ensure staff development issues are highlighted and adequate training is provided
• Establish performance goals, and measure using the Company’s Performance Management System
PERSONNEL SPECIFICATION – Chief Scientist (UK)/ Lead BioInformatics

• Third level qualification (bsc) in a related discipline
• Msc or Phd in related discipline valued
• Demonstrate previous experience with full responsibility for the delivery of multiple projects, preferably within an Informatics related and/or wet lab environment
• Contributions to academic journals
• Experience working with the university and research sectors.
• Previous experience of working to a quality standards such as ISO or within a quality environment
• Experience in the accessing of research for funding of collaborative projects and experience collaborating with partners to access said funding.
• Direct experience of bio informatics would be beneficial ie PERL scripting and familiarity of IVG, BWA etc


Managing People
Includes staff in planning, decision-making, facilitating and process improvement. Makes him/herself available to staff and provides regular performance feedback. Develops skills and encourages growth of staff. Fosters quality focus in others and strives to improves processes, products and services

Visionary Leadership
Displays passion, optimism and inspires respect and trust in those round you. Provides vision and inspiration to other members of the team.

Sets and achieves challenging goals – demonstrates persistence and overcomes obstacles

Change Management
Communicates change effectively – prepares and supports those affected by change and identifies key areas of performance where change is required.

Customer Service
Manages difficult or emotional customer situations. Responds promptly to customer needs and seeks customer feedback to improve service

Displays willingness to make decisions and exhibits sound and accurate judgment. Supports and explains reasoning for decisions and includes appropriate people in decision-making process.

Prioritises and plans work activities and uses time efficiently. Sets goals and objectives for the teams and develops realistic action plans.

Technical Skills
Strives to continuously build knowledge and skills. Identifies gaps in knowledge and identifies development needs. Has the ability to understand technical requirements of projects.

Balances team and individual responsibilities. Provides feedback to teams on a regular basis and facilitates teambuilding.

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