developing resilient organisationsWhen I wrote my chapter “Big Data, Big Business,” Insight, Influence and the IT Revolution. for Doug Strycharczyk of & Charles Elvin’s book on Developing Resilient Organizations.

I didn’t expect it to be seen as valuable. I largely felt that as I had de-techified the subject removing important industry stats that it would appear abstract, I didn’t mention Hadoop or NOSQL even once!

The aim of the chapter was to de-mystify the topic for those who dont have any interest in knowing what a Petabyte is let alone how or why 100 of these “things,” would be processed.

The process of editing is a long one but equally it was made easier by the help of staff at AQR and it was when I had largely forgotten what I had written that I was contacted by Monika to say that the book was being released and that my copy was on its way. Although a long process writing is no doubt a rewarding one.

When I gratefully received my copy of the book from the publisher KoganPage I was humbly impressed that even my wife said it was interesting, a praise I don’t get often! I enjoyed the process and may spend some time demystifying big data in more detail, and identifying the stages and processes of how an organisation should begin its Big Data journey in more depth, as it can be a frustration when organisations miss the quick wins.

I enjoyed reading the other authors and am humbled to be included in the same publication as their works.

Alternatively perhaps I can begin to clear the same principles in other areas of science. We will see.

I must thank Marc Casey for his contributions in helping position my thoughts correctly (I hope he will help again), and Doug for giving me the opportunity to contribute.

I would encourage anyone with the opportunity to contribute in such a way to take it! Its good fun, and ultimately rewarding.