Inspiration comes from a myriad of sources and those sources always change for me.

Recent conversations caused me to reflect on what is the correct approach to making an idea a reality.

I would have been pretty one dimensional in the past, for me there where a series of key considerations.

Was there a market? Was I or my team capable of creating the product? Did I have the correct team? Was the team correctly motivated? Did the team have the correct levels of resource and investment?

All of these play a factor and even in my new realisations are always involved in the ultimate success of a project.

The core sense of change in my perception is based round how an idea forms into its ultimate consequential reality.

The truth is it’s all about perspective… The innovation the spark can come from any space, but often there is a consequence of innovation, that being the difficulty in having others of a more commodity mind-set accept that the direction of the new approach is the one that will shape the world.

For the world to change an idea has to pass from individual to individual and be shared and accepted. The vision of the new concept ultimately out ways its reality whether for good or bad.

When the element of an idea is accepted as rational it will need other elements to come together. Assuming the first acceptance was the presence of the market the second may for someone of a certain mind be the advertising.

For the product focused individual it could be a product that existed to fix an unnoticed issue. The second stage may be for that individual to improve the product and create a higher barrier to entry.

In the past I saw these steps as having to start at the same time because I probably work from a holistic viewpoint. From my initial perspective the idea has to be “wide.”

For others of course who hold a more single area viewpoint the ideas value may be envisioned round the depth of the value proposition in a single area. The idea essentially has to be “deep.”

Of course the ultimate idea has to be both “deep,” and “wide,” to be sustainable and successful. Holding high barriers to entry and holding a comprehensive product view, but then when this has occurred as ultimately it will in the successful project, I would argue the concept is no longer embryonic but is complete, and hence no longer new.

As a result of searching I return to a concept that all ideas are valid, and could hold life, but it takes time effort and skill to make them grow.