elephant-and-mouseThe spread of big data and its limitations evolves our thinking on the specifics of the “big data,” revolution. I am not the first to say it but “small data,” whatever definition we give it is the next major milestone in the evolution of our understanding of abstract and chaotically recorded information.

I have come across many successes and failures and it has been my conclusion that those that start with a “small data,” project are usually infinitely more successful in deriving value from their data than those that start off on a long journey towards a big data holy grail.

In English there are many phrases that if obscured can help to explain the reason for the success of the “small data,” approach:

“Rome wasn’t built in a day.”

“Don’t bite off more than you can chew.”

“Eat the elephant one piece at a time.”

One of my favourites is “Mice don’t mate with elephants.”

“Small data,” to me is the key buzz word for the coming years in healthcare software as we endeavour to build a comprehensive software matrix across distributed and hybrid infrastructure. We will connect new types of data that have not been compared or contrasted before and we will derive multi vertical benefit, but key to achieving this aim is deploying technology in a step by step fashion.

In order to achieve any wins the stakeholders in IT projects need us as IT professionals to deliver one piece of the puzzle at a time.

Clinishare has evolved sophisticated integration, security, research and engagement tools to facilitate the sharing of data in an effective and appropriate way to derive meaning. We are excited to engage with partners and those interested in joining us on our journey to this brave new and open world of “Clinisharing.” To find out more contact info@clinishare.net