My top 5 opinions on how the average person can start to make a change in the environment.

1. Become aware of the planet! Whether you prefer to consume documentaries, books or otherwise. Ensure you are cramming your head full with the beauty of the world even if you can’t afford to travel. Realise the impact we humans have on this planet and be part of the solution, not the problem! Awareness is often the start of the fix. So be open-minded and instead of watching that next box set on Netflix take time to fill your brain with some facts and locations. Maybe set your sights on 10 things you never knew before each month. For Linked In Junkies why not post those 10 things per month as an informative post? For some of us, we need to know why before we act. So go and learn. If you are one of the few who haven’t seen Blue Planet per example then open your mind!
blue planet 2

2. Through heightened awareness, you will come to realize that you do need to change the system! For those baby boomers among us. You need to accept that despite having the shiny new thing in your houses, you left huge piles of rubbish outside of your own living spaces. Your generations polluted the oceans and the land. You have left us to clean up the mess of an extravagant growth lifestyle. Even though its right to reminisce on the great years of community in yesteryear that no doubt our generations have lost don’t forget that “the system,” really does need to change to be sustainable. The past got away with “rape and pillage of the world,” our generation has to act more like the protectorates. Who better to guide us on the cleanup but the generation who created the majority of the mess. No matter how young or old you have a responsibility to do your part!

3. Reduce consumption and partake in the circular economy. The less we consume the better it is for the economy. That said so many people want that new shiny thing. (For me its shiny new tech) a lot of it is just a fad you will use for weeks SO learn to share products as those will become shared ideas. After all its experiences that really matter in life. If you think back you can count on one hand the objects that have significance in life. We use and need a lot of things but it will take a new way of thinking to sustain huge populations of human beings during the Novacene.

circular economy

4. Buy better products! The truth is cheap generally means produced in a nasty way! Buy high quality products which meet the standards. Per example, even airlines are moving to biofuel. If you can afford it do so too! Essentially when biofuel becomes the norm its price will reduce. When the rich buy hydrogen-powered vehicles the next tier of society can get them second hand. The world does not change overnight but be a leader of change, not a follower. Every little punnet of sustainable strawberries is your giving back.

buy less

Provided of course you are aware of what the standard means! Go and do your research and educate yourself as to what is viable in the context! Don’t expect a hill farmer in Wales to move from Sheep to crops.

sheep farming

If that’s what you think your opinion is, to be honest irrelevant until you take the time to educate yourself! For me, meritocracy dictates that only those that understand a debate should partake in the details of it. Talk is cheap but again if you take time to research and understand the details there is always a way of making it better!

spending money is like casting a vote

5. Be The Change you want to see in the world. At the end of the day, it’s ok to complain. Lots of people are very good at that! People can also brag about their impact but the number one focus of any changemaker should be to be self-aware of the difference they are going to make and ensure that they are also aware of where they need to pull their socks up.

be the change you want to see in the world

Basically you can talk rubbish to others don’t be silly enough to talk rubbish to yourself! Don’t be a hypocrite! Hold the courage of your own convictions, but if you don’t know the answer then do the right thing and research!


This feels like it needs a follow up on how the A-Players and extraordinarily dedicated people can use their influence to make a big difference in the world! Maybe one for the future!

P.S. You should read Greta Thunberg’s book it’s short but to the point!