that déjà vu when a friend leaves your team.

Over the years I’ve worked as a leader to many 100s of people in Business. Time flies, it’s amazing how much we’ve all achieved together

Even when people work closely often the friendships fade. But there are always those who touch you, and whom you care about. It’s a happy time when those you train and push towards success move up the ladder to pastures new

It is sad that often that means losing touch for a time. The closing stages are often difficult in my line of work. There is a hand over to do, project elements to finish, and new ventures to begin and these times can be tough

The startup life can often feel cold bar for those few nights together reminiscing over the good times and the bad. I remember the good times in Brazil, the many birthdays you had in Brazil, our time developing so many great concepts in all those many capacities we worked together!

Colleen Walsh I will miss you. I hope you are in that small group that I will remain close with and that I will be in yours too. And that you make a success of the next steps of your career. Our paths will cross again whether in business or in life

Remember no matter what always be happy! Andrew 🙂

colleen and andrew