What demonstrates a proper legacy? Its a journey indeed!

I have through hearsay had some feedback over my career from people I have not even worked with some think I am god’s gift, others state I have achieved nothing. I find it extremely interesting how people judge the successes and failures of others. It’s quite telling of someone when they make statements on others.

I’ve worked with many an individual who sees success as money in their own pocket. Those who make sure even if no one else wins they do.

Others see success as the number of times someone has setup a company or created a group. Laudable.

I’ve worked with others who see their kid’s success was how they judged others. That of course worked until #gretathunberg came on the scene and became time person of the year at 16.

I’ve seen success in terms of patents, IP, Intelligence and delivery.

In regards to my own success. In work context I put the most focus on the outcome value of the projects I have been involved in. My focus is always on today so as to ensure every moment I have on this world counts. At home it’s the happiness of my children that counts. Its a multivariate question indeed one complex to answer. How do you define success?