dopamine-It’s affecting every part of your life!


Did you recognise the seriousness of your own habit?

Have you given away your sense of self to the machine? Offering your data for free to the global players in return for free access to email and other services so as to give away even more… Providing insight with every view and message as to how to hook you even more.

The world we live in has us surrounded by people on chemical stimulation of a wide cacophony of types. Whether that’s tranquilizers for depression or in reaction to SLS (Shit life syndrome)

We often fail to realise the digital drugs we each take. The hit we get from voyeurism or from the adulation of others when a digital post gets a “like.”

Dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin, endorphins (DOSE) are all influenced by our use of social media and digital devices in general.

Some of us have been on “Digital,” for decades. Newer generations for the majority of their lives!

Many children are almost born to digital interaction in the world of today.

There is the hope of respite for you! CONTACT @Catherine McIntosh to recognise that you have a problem!

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