Thank you to #ThinkNetwork #AutismNI @Gary Doherty for the first chance to talk on my own story My first effort I look back and cringe. I will get better! I hope though everyone left with a shared understanding of the need for big failures when achieving big successes. My own journey is only just beginning thanks to Gavan Wall. For those of you who haven’t been on it, you should definitely consider his Speed Mentor Retreat. It’s your last chance before Gavan and I together with an Army of Changemakers embark on The Change VC. Our goal is to take £10m and convert that to £10BN over the next 10 years. We need A Players on board. People who have made a big difference and who now want to be part of something even bigger a multi-billion dollar success. We need AgentsofChange people not scared to dedicate their lives, capital, and support to improve on the status quo.

Don’t fail to get in contact if you think you have what it takes.

Your never too old at 37 father of 4 children life for me is only just beginning! #BeTheChange #TheChange #AgentofChange #thinkdifferent