I have gone from the investee side to the investor side of life.

Having secured the faith of key backers I now act as the custodian of the money they have entrusted me with and as part of a team I take very seriously the importance of good governance within a fund.

I don’t believe my responsibility stops there. I must go one step beyond if I am to ensure my investors money is backing the right people, in the right businesses at the right time to maximise our combined return.

I’m investing in YOU and your team. As investees it’s your job as a collective to define the journey and the legacy beyond, to lead the company and its vision, to ensure the targets and deadlines are hit, and that you are aware of the intense journey ahead. As an investee of “The Change” you’ll be pushed to the max!

We are here to “lift your head.” We see ourselves as only the first stage in your journey. You’ll work with our “Agents Of Change,” renowned experts in their fields. We drive you to transform that £million concept into a £Billion mindset and roadmap to success.

Don’t expect an easy ride! We invest with the intent you sign your series E!