Jean-Jacques Rousseau book “the social contract,” published during the enlightenment in 1762 is arguably one of the most influential political theory books of all time.

The concept that man is born free and yet is shackled due to his often unenviable co-existence with his fellow man has been a concept that has “held man in chains,” over the millennia.

The would-be revolutionaries of today could learn a lot from the book that perhaps enlivened if not part inspired the French Revolution of 1789. Liberté, égalité, fraternité!!!

The concept of liberty is applied as the abstract generality of law as a core consideration. How can a man be free to do as he will in the presence of other men while still able to live in harmony unless there is an underlying written or unwritten “social contract,” with his fellow man?

Written long before the days of female emancipation the book as a product of its time still heralds the revolutions that have come and will come hence. As we ponder and continue to reconsider the very essence of the social contract generation after generation. #bethechange #TheChange #AgentofChange #Rousseau #SocialContract