Most people who know me well know that 95%+ of my heroes are dead people. That leaves only a little space for those living today who inspire me. One of those constant inspirations who drive me forward is Tony Carson. I was inspired today just as I always am by Tony’s continued commitment to Integrated Education here in Northern Ireland. The team at the IEF including Paul Caskey do a stirling job and are #TheChange that Northern Ireland needs to see if its to move on from its past and transform its future! Tony doesn’t stop just there, he is an amazing businessman and all-round good person who has been extremely generous to me over the years! Tony gave me the advice I needed when I needed it and was kind enough to apply his considerable experience to give me the tough love I needed in the bad times. His support kept me going through my darkest and most difficult times. Hoping I can someday emulate his generosity! I am sure I am not the only one inspired by Tony!