Socrates left this world in 399 BC. Outside of those influenced by him the world was devoid of a similar thinker until the time of Marcus Aurelis “The Philosopher King,” in 161AD. Arguably his like was in fact never seen again.

In the years following Socrates time here on earth, we see his complex and beautiful philosophy turned into something more simplistic for the more “normal,” mind to understand. The Epicureans pursue hedonism. The sceptics reconfirm that they know that they know nothing, knowledge cannot answer all things. We see the Stoics who throw away worldly pleasures of lesser men in pursuit of virtue.

All this emerged and diversified the study of the purpose due to the death of one central and complex figure.

The break up of thought into its consistent truths is an accepted part of dumbing down in a digital age. Kierkegaard debunked the concept that truth could simply be read, believing it must be felt/ experienced. Arguably this understanding of life in a world of instant facts is more relevant than ever.

It’s a continuous wonder as to what happens to knowledge and wisdom when passionate, searching, individuals pass on or leave the debate.