Consent is a critical issue, one of significant concern within all business categories today especially in Europe following GDPR. Many people don’t consider GDPR any more than a legal issue but the truth is that to make compliance easy and have it bring benefit takes significant technological investment and this will have a significant impact on the structure and design of systems.

The opportunities of consent are endless and all forward-thinking companies should adopt processes that enable the instant capture of consent in order that retrospective data analysis should take place. I have myself in fact focused entire companies into this niche and more recently have learned much about the true application of consent through clients. Based on what I know it’s important for businesses to understand the best approaches to consent capture that are available to us today.

I’ve learned so much in the last year on what consent can really mean for consumers companies and others. For a company If consent isn’t informed forget it. If it’s not a win win don’t try to do it. If you don’t see real value in the capture of data why bother?
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