Epicurus the founder of what many believed was a hedonistic revolution in greece was in fact a much more pius man than he was given credit for. Reputedly the greeks suggested Epicurus would orgasm 18 times per night in a room full of virgins.

Epicuris the founder of the Epicurian School was in reality the founder of the first “commune.” He was a man who held the simple pleasures in life higher than any other.

He believed that there are but a few things in life we each want for and need.

1. Friendship and companionship are critical to a well lived life.
2. Purpose is critical. We must work with our friends to do purposeful work. Often communes would work together to produce great works.
3. Time alone to ponder and think was important. Tranquility and peace was required for a balanced life.

Epicurian schools popped up accross europe. A truly new perspective on life.

Epicurian schools were during the birth of christendom in europe converted to monestaries. Hence why many monestaries are in isolated locations today, confirming the values held dear by the Epicurian Schools.