I’ve never been an overly image conscious person. If you’d to describe me at a physical level, you’d prob say I was generally unkempt &unconcerned about my appearance

I’m quirky &innovative, but when it comes to portraying that to others I generally don’t know where to start

I’ve a fascination with people &their behaviors; they interest & inspire me but ultimately I don’t really show enough of a concern with what they think of me

Who knows if my awkward smile or downed head during conversation affected the outcome of an important conversation? I’ve gone through a lot lately &who knows if appearing different was a factor in how or why things happened

The Q concerned me so I chose to put my mind towards solving what appears to me a complex data problem

Most wouldn’t see any of this as a data problem but my mind works differently. I’m a bit of a geek!

Alongside these thoughts I’ve been developing #ProjectAubergine. The intent is image management. A personal image assistant which is focused on how the world actually sees people; on this occasion me!

I’ll be undergoing a transformation in the coming mths, one driven by the AI behind Aubergine. I’m keen to see what the platform says &suggests I should do to reignite my image before my peers