James Lovelock 100 this month has been a seminal figure in my life since reading the Gaia Hypothesis. James Lovelocks has shaped all our lives from building tech for NASA to disrupting the fundamentals of environmental thinking forever.
The Gaia hypothesis changed the understanding of environmental systems and brought us to understand a self-regulating world. The system influences how individual life evolves. Lovelock was arguing in the 1970s the ecological system could be considered a form of being, eventually aligning his theories with natural selection.

Lovelock changes the world again. Lovelock suggests the Anthropocene the period where we as human beings shaped the planet is now over and we will soon enter the age of the Novacene. Super intelligence will replace human life as the dominant force on this planet.
Just like us that new life will be governed by the ecosystem and need a world with regulated temperatures etc thus interlinking this second huge concept with his seminal works.

A testament to the fact that genius is a life long journey Lovelock releases Novacene at 99. It has to be read, if just in homage to one of the most technically brilliant, original and novel ecological thinkers of all time. #bethechange