Smile, say cheese and with the click of my camera phone and a few simple steps I have been able to become an e-citizen for the very first time

I like everyone else have been following how Estonia has led the e-govt trends of the day and despite interest it had never sparked me enough to do anything about said interest until today

I took the challenge and finally became a “citizen of the world,” gaining for the first time digital Estonian nationality.

Maybe it was Brexit, maybe it was the e business opportunities, or the tax benefits, or simply my interest in going digital

Of course, it was all wrapped up my curiosity of discovering something new about myself through being a digital explorer

1. Now I really am a digital native I can use my status as an Estonian E resident to look at establishing a new company

2. Now I am a digital native I can begin to look at creating new applications for my digital identity

3. Now I am a European whether the UK stays or leaves and can decide where to domicile my tax as its due

4. BREXIT BREXIT BREXIT – A safe stable place to balance the risks in my current economy

My application is pending, I hope to be approved. My journey as a digital citizen of the world begins today.
#ecitizenship #brexit