Often our ideas are limited to our past experience. Visualisation can change all that. Using horizons was something I was taught by my insightful & amazing business mentor Laura Bond

Thinking in horizons allows us not only to plan our ideas in time sequence but also in financial sequence.
Big ideas feel difficult, we see them like elephants but often fail to take one bite at a time, accidently setting mixed & hazy milestones as a result of poor financial planning.
Horizon based planning lets us plan our innovation more effectively.
It’s a difficult task for some but is a critical piece of work when defining the decision gates required for a successful innovation strategy
Setting milestones means you can measure
success/failure, you’ll need enough time & money for each horizon
The pillars of program management come into play. Time, Cost, Quality and Features. Don’t set a 1year target for something takes 3 years to prove. Equally don’t set lengthy targets for things can be discovered in months
If you don’t have the skills in house, bring in a consultant.
Failure to plan is planning to fail when dealing with innovation & its critical you hold your team to account
Always act thinking #rightpeople #rightplace