Do you manage your Time? How do you manage your time? and Why do you manage your time?

I saw the timeular device and immediately wondered should I use it? and What would I change if it highlighted problems? #Imagination only goes so far in helping us understand however I considered what would I draw on each side of the device. I have 8 choices. Coffee time was on then I wondered is this vanity or billing? I felt I needed to record breaks all the same. I considered time spent developing IP, finances, #ideation, meetings/ calls, building business/ project plans. Hold on what about projects? Maybe I write up projects and scrub them when I’ve finished them and add new ones? To much effort done elsewhere. Then I thought could this maybe measure quality time with family? Making sure I got enough. I had one space left for this! My #time would be managed! The question of purpose came in. Would I change the time I spent if I knew exactly how long I spent? Would I increase the intensity of outcomes out of each thing I did? Meetings would need others on the same page. The rest were efficient all the same. Why spend the time managing the time? My answers won’t be your answers. I like gadgets all the same so check it out!