Like everyone I have control of my destiny. So I reflect sometimes on why it hasn’t always turned out the way I planned

As I search for a new image with my AI work, I first need to know the building blocks I am working with

I reflect on my failures to become a better version of who I am, to enable me to succeed in my new ventures

There were some amazing people early in my journey at Omnisoft who perhaps don’t realise how much they shaped me for the better. @Shirlee Beggs @Nicole Hill you were both really key. Keeping me aware of what others thought, you both knew what was best for me &the business, although I often didn’t listen.

I tried to emulate the behaviours of those I wanted to match; I worked very hard, worked smart but I think in hindsight I lacked the killer instinct of those I aspired to

Through hard work confidence &perseverance I created wealth. Ultimately none of it came my way

I have a trusting nature my inability to trust the right people held me back. I lacked good sense back then to listen to the judgement of those who looked out for me

Forming trust is a challenge, made ever more difficult for the “curiosities”

It’s time to discover if I now have what it takes to trust the right people

The big Q is have I learned from my mistakes?