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Inspiration is a commonly used word and one that means a great deal to me. From the Shakespeare “Oh for a muse of Fire,” to the simply mundane everyday aspects of life that inspire us we are touched by many things in life that influence our path. The simple things are...

Senior Developer Role

The Role: Senior DeveloperYou will work within a team developing a series of bespoke web applications within Education and Healthcare using C# and ASP.NET MVC.   As a senior developer we would ask that you are skilled in a wide range of .NET technologies with...

An MBA is for life not just for Christmas.

An MBA is for life not just for Christmas.

After considering the unhappy situation of sitting in studying today on the Saturday before Christmas and having to meet up with family later this evening to get some time in on my latest assignment, I also look forward to the future of my MBA qualification and the...

The common language of code

I once attended a conference in California that talked of Pixar’s rise to success and how this great and diverse company began to shape its destiny. Pixar was a company heavily influenced by Steve Job’s, a company designed to innovate and change the world. As my...

Its a great morning to be alive

Every day shows such opportunity, and every morning starts with the hope of great things happening, its up to us to make them happen and manage situations to prevent things negative things happening in the future.

Are you game to learn

We dont all learn the same way, we arent all engaged by the same things. Game to Learn raises the bar for interactive, motivational learning for all children but in particular the unengaged.

Positive thinking is real thinking

For those with the ability, and the belief they can make the world what they want to see in it. Positive thinking as in what someone believes is possible is generally what they experience. Hickups in the plan are continuous but with an unflinching focus on the...

Watch this space for my new book of ideas.

The title is likely to be a disruptive one, but one which I feel is needed to add weight to the debate I am aiming to create with the release "Creating God," will I hope unlock some new fundamental concepts. This is a book for believers and non believers alike and I...

Dealing with Adversity

Core to the fundamental dealing with adversity is the fact that you identify it and know that you are dealing with an adverse situation. Once identified a course of action can be programmed into the brain that promises the path of least resistance. Often the brain can...

Hero Games

Can we make people better through positive thought? Of course we can!

Omnisoft Working as a team

I find as with any company expansion its important the team pull together, sometimes we are all guilty of pulling away of giving up on others and its at that stage that big big problems occur. Everyone has a personal greatness, every person that we know. Not all will...

Dependency culture sucks out peoples souls

I have a huge worry and concern for those who do not have the chance to fail. It is perhaps the biggest flaw of character that will assure they do not have social mobility and do not have the chance to become something special.Offering a way to live sustainably...

Being the change you want to see in the world.

Over the last few years I learned for the second time in business what I had learned before in my personal life. Truly you can not be liked by everyone, every decision you make will not be taken as positive by all parties, and although there will be moments of...

Rwandan Dance

An Amazing experience in Rwanda, Rwanda is a country I love, so passionate so driven, and yet so much to overcome.

Forming a board

Forming a board has been one of the most difficult processes I have gone through in business to date. Often people will stereotype an Entrepeneur they will judge them as either unbalanced or someone who will make decisions anyway. Being used to make decisions there is...